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Information of the England, and their policy !
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BeitragVerfasst am: Mo 18 Jul 2011, 14:10    Titel:  Information of the England, and their policy !
Themen-Beschreibung: England, human rights, violations, system, policy

Britain imposed a safeguard clause for Bulgaria

I am writing this in relation to England, and how their legal system works.

I appeal to all people who are in the UK and those who are about to walk or think in England. This applies to Bulgaria and especially for tourists and of course for those who have decided to immigrate to England!
In England, people are bad, look to crush a stranger and kick it. They themselves are not fair and do not respect the law and violate human rights.
I never, anywhere on any occasion I had no problems and I have not tried.
On 04.06.2010 year I was in London, and was caught on 29/06/2010 are usually normal retainer pocket knife, and was introduced in jail and lawyers who were appointed by the court, which soon were instructed by the court, with the idea that he had to plead guilty and that if I pleaded guilty to go home as I fired and require independent lawyer. I said to the court by pleading that I was innocent.
Finally lounge four months in prison without being condemned without my document issued by the court and prison, which require!
I had many problems in prison and there had no rights. I was quartered in a cell with a large ex-offenders.
I want compensation for that was terrorizing / 4 / four months in jail and they gave me and then made another request to give me a job for me to eliminate the restriction on the labor market, which is at Bulgari, which I also refused.

How I got a knife, I explain.
While cutting his backpack, someone saw me and called the police shortly after, two policemen came to me and asked me for a knife - and I said, I have them and I explained that I did not know in England how things are and they arrested me and put me in prison, and before the police asked me to go back to Bulgaria!
In Prison Wandsworth prison where I was held for four months and one day - I require a document to a document manager refused!
For my documents I received from the prison and my luggage, I got it three weeks later, the date of my release!
Royal Court - London, refused to issue me a Protocol or any documents
This happened to me on 04.06.2010 and for a short stay during

2. Second case, which in 2011 was that there was a street patrol car by two police officers, and I saw them and went up a tree to pee and there they stop me, even if I did not think it would make my problem and they bicker about it I peed a little after, they decided to check my bag and found my scale model knife which does not always mean that there is a prison and court.

I went a little need of wood, because the area in which we are no toilet!
in principle , I defer to target sites, but had no choice.
I can say also that I've seen all kinds of people to piss on high streets and buildings, not to mention, for those who party, which I have seen anywhere.

In this case, I was under warranty, they were seized my passport and I signed every day. The court is not an excuse that I knew I should not have to carry a pocket knife. Justified only if you work with them. I am justified because my job requires mock knife or knife - they are needed in the production of upholstered furniture. I wore them in public because I was on the street and I had no money for rent.
And to justify this man no justice for them.
I saw a very large butcher knife in a homeless Englishman-in this I mean that the police do not go hang, ie, not in jail or condemn it.
When I was arrested for a small knife in prison a prisoner told me that he saw a policeman found a knife in Englishman and nothing he did.
Their aim is to deport alien trapped by even the smallest and imprisoned him and force him to plead guilty, then he scored and deport him.
For knife court says it is a serious crime and prohibition. There is a ban on a knife, the words of the court, but I do not understand why they sold freely, and why is not declared as an official ban and where he wrote this question I!
-I think it is a serious offense when human rights are violated and those who violate them must be removed from their position!

I live in England, as English language for me is very important because they teach myself only.
I am very disappointed in this country.
I am convinced that a screwdriver will make a man a criminal.
Most people carry pocket knives and I am convinced that many of them would get in trouble in this country.

From "Woolwich crown court" not my issue protocol for this case and my passport was returned and modeling knife, after seven months later

This happened to me on 24.05.2011 and for a short stay during

... ...
I already know that there is a ban on knives and knife in England!

So I want to make comments, the policy of England, and because I have suffered in this country.

I do not know if there is a knife law in England, but if there is one, I can say that in policy, with the aim to lose a lot of people, but most people are not aware of their rights, I did not know and of course, they will be surprised who caught a knife, no matter how big they will be scored in prison.
I am the principle if such a law for the sword, be warned people in the world, because each knows the other in Europe, England, - what are the rules.

I have seen some wear pocket knife and I guess that many people carry pocket knives because they are needed in which I say that is normal, but those who, like me, you catch them, England would put them in prison and tortured them, hoping the person that is stuck in my prison to plead guilty, then deportation , although he is a European citizen.

England says that crimes are with knives!
- I wonder how many crimes have become, as long as I was and still am in England this ugly, I have not seen or heard any crime with knives of any person. If someone commits it, nevertheless, who would it be? - Most likely from Arabic and gypsy type. How many crimes happened with knives and it is in normal, I wonder? - I can say that in life there are good and bad times. Yes, it is not good to get these crimes with a knife, but I wonder why he had made man acts like a knife?

For this purpose, you have a way, and all the other crimes that are, to this end, the police monitor irregularities and related crimes with knives instead of England to justify with that. Police not doing his job, keeping abreast of such irregularities and makes references to people like me, in no time and it wakes me up and tells me where to sleep, instead of making the following types of problems.

I'd also like to add the following, which is as follows:

On one hand, I agree to have such a law on knives, but the other side did not agree and do not have to accept such a thing because many people will have their human rights violated. I disagree, because someone who performs such acts with knives judge in all of us, as I said, many people will be judged unfairly!

I do not think you can judge for people who carry a pocketknife, especially in individuals who had no previous offenses of general nature . I agree to judge for people who are caught with a knife or experience may have been a crime, of any nature !
That person is caught in a public place or has found a knife in his backpack and holding, a simple pocket knife in a public place or anywhere - I would not say that it can accommodate and interpret the law for criminal offenses !

I can say also to those who are criminals that they have rights, but for those who are trapped like me a knife is useless to speak.

If you already have such a law on knives, no problem, but to comply with the law and human rights, and to comply with rules /EU/

I've had no problems anywhere, nor have I tried, and he's only thirty years.

England failed me condemned and act as I have a right to claim damages for which I had requested, but the party refuses to give me, I also wanted to give me a job for me to drop restrictions, limitations placed on the labor market , Bulgarians and Romanians.
- So, I made requests, but they refuse and do not give me that documents with records I can protect my rights in Strasbourg!
Refuse, and because it's in their policy and to surprise people who do not know a knife in England, to warn the police, which is also in their policy.

Me, I could not condemn England, he could not do it because their system works more subtle way, sending me their lawyer, he instructed him with the idea of recognizing a person that is stuck me in jail and that if I pleaded guilty to go home - these are the words of the lawyer who sent me the court in 2010 and 2011, a pocket knife and modeling with peak two centimes !

I am convinced that this country works this way for years and was able to condemned many people, got them in prison and tortured them until plead guilty. - This is for those that do not have sufficient reason to sue. This country also continues to work and seek ways and occasions to kick foreigners.
England seek occasions to removes people like me who are on the street and watch them scored in jail and waiting to be found guilty, it is for those for whom there is no reason to sue!

This country will be able to order a lot of people, but like me, very rare!

At least it works so that England be honest - those like me who failed to condemn and justify them as innocent, to pay compensations, not only scoring in prison and to introduce stricter rules!

I'm on this principle, if someone wants to help others, at least not his way.

England, it is to be accepted into the European Union?- Most likely, the money of Europe!

Who knows how, mass deportations has made this country from EU countries - Bulgaria and Romania, which places the greatest restrictions on the labor market? !

Failure to follow the law and human rights by persons exercising administrative and criminal legal actions are of the greatest crimes, and from there come all the problems with that crime and other problems associated with the crisis. For those who violate them should take their license always be injected in prison for a long time and be fined salt.

Of those who violate human rights, the person is a criminal because he or whoever it was, was disbarred.

This country discriminates against citizens depriving them of liberty and rights !

UK fails to comply with the laws of human rights !

While I was in England, and make something happen with me, be sure to blame this country. I say this because I want to protect myself and I described before and now England, which violates my rights and everything I write here is true!

If this country solve my problem and be fair, I'll admit England, in what little I suspect.

I think the country as a terrorist number / one / one of Europe!

England participated in the attacks and puts innocent people and torturing them, while the person is guilty, hoping that is my face stuck to plead guilty, for which there is no good reason to sue.

I am very disappointed in this country and hate.

If someone attacks them, be sure that it is not in vain!

For this purpose, I think, to ensure that this country and the judicial systems of England, who judge unjustly, and a violation of human rights and the rules of the European Union!

Again remind administrators and implore you not to delete information that is important to the people in the world. I take full Responsibility for inventory and England will wait on what basis will you raise other charges for having embarrassed their country, and that a small portion of their policy!

Everything you say and write here will be used in court, of course, if it comes to that.

If they decide on to judge me because I set their country, it would be unfair, but will risk simply have no choice.

It's true!

England should be under surveillance!

England, deprive citizens of liberty and free movement

Judiciary of England Emigration, do not issue decisions, which means that citizens without their decisions I can for their rights in Strasbourg

For those in the administration who do not issue decisions that must be defined as a criminal offense and be up act violations and revocation of the permit!
I appeal to the European Parliament on the Government of England, which country introduced restrictive discrimination legislation, in which treat citizens and depriving them of liberty and freedom of movement!
Immigration and the Judiciary not issue decisions on the detention of a citizen , also they do not issue the documents to which they give reasons under arrest and deportation !

For those who do not issue decisions that must be defined as a criminal offense !
Authorities of England and the judiciary , and immigration did not issue decisions to give reasons is not to be responsible , and other purposes is the applicants themselves can not defend their rights , and of course fail to condemn State or any administration !
Should not be considered limiting law!
You should , by the European Parliament to become familiar with the laws of Great Britain !
Police chase homeless people who sleep on the streets , in place to monitor those who make trouble !
The police and the government says the homeless beg, but they persecute those who do not beg ! Themselves Englishmen do not want foreigners, mostly poor homeless !
Completely restricting discriminatory laws that the UK, introduced with the purpose to deprive citizens of other countries, the freedom of movement and rights!
When you put someone in jail, they hold him while pleading guilty by the court of London, sent lawyer jailed that lawyer instructed him with the idea to require the person to plead guilty, and then go home!
Due to improper administration, the Ombudsman is the one who has to prepare until then to submit it to the European Parliament to take measures to prevent discriminatory laws limiting!

England must be supervised !
Related works Pavel Petkov

For more information on the system of United Kingdom and me, please follow the links
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