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Information on London, and their policy
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МнениеПуснато на: Пон 18 Юли 2011, 13:41    Заглавие:  Information on London, and their policy
Описание на темата: England human rights violations
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I want to make a comment in regards to what happened to me and I wrote below, I write.
What I mean is that I do not like what happened to me. I was not that which had to be caught.
I understand splendid country which is acting so with foreigners arrived from elsewhere exactly I .
Sometimes I agree with them with this and their actions to those for which mentioned above.
I am not ready to act as against innocent as me, moreover, in such as me which are did not have past acts.
Court in London , says , person who brings blade is criminal, is a crime for an ordinary knife or' knife .
I do not think so ...
I am not ready to sue person thus still more by the person who has had no past acts , of nature murder or may have made experience .
I am on / 30 / thirty years now and so far I have no and at the very few offense and as I said already never and anywhere on any occasions I have not had problems with police officers or courts, although not pool me life .
I grew up in orphanages and I only own trainings and I have seen a straight path rather than crime.


Court in London turns me and told me verbally that should I take on 21.11.2011 and to the latter institution in which I appeared was on 08/09/2011.
Date to the end of which I quote for my appearance in court of course if no other date I will do as a residence in London / 7 / seven months and their wines will be deported by the institution for immigration, because I have not managed to get a job and because I've exceeded more than / 3 / three months wines of England.
England play with me now / 2 / two years. Even to deport me, I will not leave their country until they give me the court records of last year and this year as well as a document of this prison that I lick / 4 / four months, which most likely will again put me in prison.
What happens to me I think that is unfair and in violation of my human rights.


I am writing this in relation to England and how the work of the judiciary.

I appeal to all people who are in England and those who are going or thinking of going to England. This applies to Bulgaria and especially for tourists and they are indeed for those who have decided to immigrate to England. This is according to my views to them.
I advise all people who believe that their rights are violated to write about their instances.
I hope what I have described so far to reach the European Convention on Human Rights.
This applies to Bulgaria and especially for tourists and they are indeed for those who have decided to immigrate to England.
I never, anywhere on any occasions I have not had problems and I have not tried.
On 04.06.2010 year I was in London, and was caught on 6/29/2010 for normal simple locking pocket knife and put me in jail and lawyers who were appointed by the court which were recently instructed by the court with the idea that should be recognized guilty and that if I pleaded guilty will go, as I shelve them and require independent counsel. I return to the court claiming that I am innocent.
I return to the court claiming that I am innocent.
Finally, serve four months in prison without condemning me without me giving them the court documents and jail, requiring as it considered that my rights are infringed.
And to my documents and luggage, I gave them two weeks later than release me from prison and it is very difficult.
I had many problems in prison and had no rights there.
I was lodging in a cell with a large ex-prisoners.
I want compensation for that was terrorized / 4 / four months in jail and they gave me and then made another request to give me my job as the limitation on the labor market which is set to Bulgarians for which I also refused.
In 2011 my raises two charges that would judge me. For this I had a scale model of this knife and I cried and threatened that is not true.
Missed to mention that, as is the second case the judge wanted to put me in jail, despite regular appearances on my signature to a police station, it is because I said that I have money for tickets to go to the other side of London for a third appearance in another Court and that I wanted to give my card transort, card that is the day that I should I take to court and I said well you will find a way to go in this court even though a long way.

How are grabbed my knife I explain.

While cutting in a backpack he saw me and called the police and they come to me and two policemen ask me for a knife and I have to say and I explain to them that I know in England how things are and they me and kept me imprisoned.
Second case, which in 2011 is that on one street were two police cruiser and I saw them and went up a tree to pee and there they stop me not even supposed to make my problem and they are stuck on there that I peak and then they decided to I check my backpack and found a scale model knife which also suggests that there is no jail and court.
For this case I am now on bail as they hold my passport and I sign every day.
The court is not an excuse that you did not know that we should not hold the sword. Justified only if you work with them. I am justified because my job requires a knife blade or scale model, they are necessary in the production of upholstered furniture.
I wore them in public because I was on the street and I had no money for rent.
And to justify this one with them no justice. I saw a very large butcher knife in a homeless Englishman in that I mean that the police do not go bother him that is not in jail or sue it.
When I was arrested for a knife in prison a prisoner told me he saw a policeman to find a knife in English and it did nothing.
Their aim is to deport an alien as to catch even the smallest and put it in prison and force him to plead guilty and then he scored and deport him.
This is poltikata of England, they do not want to have foreigners in their country.
For sword court said that that situation is a serious crime and prohibition. There knife ban the words of the court but do not understand why are sold freely, and why is not declared as an official ban and where it says this I ask.
Court says it is a serious crime for the knife.
I think that is a serious crime when they violate human rights and those who violate them must be removed from their position.
I say this because I believe English for terrorists.
I live in England because the English language for me is very important because he only trained.
I am very disappointed in this country.
I am convinced that a screwdriver will make a man a criminal.
Most people carry pocket knives and I am sure that many of them in trouble in this country.

This happened to me on 04.06.2010 and it stays for a short time.
Today is 07/07/2011 Appears on a second court in connection with allegations raised by them for the mock knife possession and that I'm pissing in the wood.
Court threatens me that I will judge that I'm pissing in the wood.
This was written in their Law
-words of the court.
I did not expect that there are court and jail for having a citizen like me pissing on a tree.
I peak of the tree because I have frequent urination problems and about the region had a toilet or people around me for this purpose I take into account and not piss where I fall and will look to people.
in court and say that they do not respect my human rights.
Tell me to get into court and prison for someone pissing on a tree to cry or laugh.
I have personally seen people in London, pissing in front of restaurants and other buildings and at bus stops and nothing rights.

Everything described so far is true.
And please many administrators of sites which publish not delete information that is very important to people.
I assume responsibilities for inventory and am ready to talk live against England which violates the rights human.
What happened to me could happen to another who wish it.
How many shows do not just refer to how convicted sentenced in law for this purpose it is to watch England in the judicial system works.Bulgaria is a member of the EU on January 1, 2007, however, our rights are not respected in England say they are mine, and who knows how many others have their rights violated. This is according to my views to them.
I advise all people who believe that their rights are violated to write about their instances.
I hope what I have described so far to reach the European Convention on Human Rights.
I think England should be sanctioned salty.

For more information about this please visit the websites ;

Or go to and type in search INFO LONDON PAVEL PETKOV

That was from me to London by Pavel Petkov Bulgaria.
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