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МнениеПуснато на: Пет 14 Окт 2011, 17:28    Заглавие:  INFORMATION FOR LONDON
Описание на темата: INFORMATION FOR LONDON

England puts innocent like me in prison and tortured them until they are found guilty, namely me, and turns them into criminals from innocents who are not actually, in this totally violates their rights and of course they are criminals because such I came out of prison as an innocent, without compensation, employment and social benefits.

This country is considered a terrorist number / 1 / one in Europe

The attention of administrators,

Many please do not delete the information about London.

I take full responsibility for their inventory and England will wait on what basis would I bring to justice, to expose the fact that their country. Everything I say here will be used in court, of course, if any, and if England decides to my indictment.

I am writing this because it is true, and if they condemn me for what is not fair, but I'll risk just have no other choice.

I will continue to describe the country and it is because I want to know how in the world England, violates human right

For more information regarding this and other issues related to this, and my problems in London ,

Please follow the following sites I, are as follows;

Or go to and type in search INFO LONDON PAVEL PETKOV
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